sc-sherman-apartments-03Living in a town like Sherman has some major advantages. You get all the coziness, comfort, and quiet of living in a relatively small community, without being too far away from the big city. And if you think you have to drive all the way into the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area to get to some interesting shops, attractions, and entertainment options – think again!

Our Sherman Apartments are actually close by to many entertainment options, shops, and local restaurants. While Creekside Condominiums are situated outside of the center of Sherman in a quiet residential neighborhood, that still doesn’t put them far from the main attractions of the town. Wondering just what you’ll find in Sherman close by to our Sherman Condominiums? Here’s what you need to know:

Close to Dining Options

All you need to do to find a smorgasbord of delicious dining options in Sherman is head east from your Sherman Apartments at Creekside. Most of the town’s dining establishments lie somewhere near highway 75 or Texoma Parkway – the two main roads through the center of town. The great part about the dining options in Sherman is that there’s such a nice blend of restaurants: old and new, fast food and fine dining, chain and locally owned, American and ethnic within a few minutes’ drive of our Sherman Condominiums.

This doesn’t begin to list all of the restaurants in town that are easily accessible from our Sherman Apartments!

Nearby Shopping and Entertainment


As with many Texas towns, Friday night football is a big form of entertainment in Sherman. Lucky for you, our apartments are just a few minutes from the high school’s football stadium. And for a small school, the Sherman High School football team has a really good record. Plus, it’s always fun to get together with your community to cheer on the local team.

There are plenty of shopping options nearby to our Sherman Apartments, as well.

On Sherman’s north side, you’ll find several larger shopping complexes, as well as a cinema. The downtown area features entertainment options like the local theater troupe and some museums on the history of Sherman.

So if you’re looking for a quiet, calm place to live, our residentially-located Sherman Apartments are a great option. But they’re also within easy reach of the area’s main attractions, including restaurants, shops, and local entertainment. And if there’s a show you want to see or a shop you need to visit that isn’t in Sherman, you’re just a jump, skip, and a hop away from downtown Dallas!